Subjects you can use LearnObit for

Since LO is a learning tool, you might think that our target audience is students. Actually, that's not quite true — LO works far better for outside-the-classroom learning.

That's because what we learn at school isn’t true learning. We're told to memorize certain information for tests then forget everything the second we leave the exam hall.

If you're a school or college student, LO could still be helpful, but it might be unnecessary if all you're trying to do is temporarily "learn" content for a test.

In my case, I don't use LO for college exams. Instead, I carefully read the test content a few days before the test (or maybe even one day before). Then, when the test is over, I forget the information. Using LO here feels like an overkill — but bear in mind that I majored in Mathematics.

LO is best-suited for real-world knowledge you want to apply to your work or hobbies — think coding, design, cooking, and mechanical engineering.

Actually, I'm worried that nobody would want to use LO that focuses on learning for learning's sake instead of learning to pass an exam. I’d like to think that there are many passionate learners out there. I'm not sure though.