Currently, LearnObit is still an unfinished product.
I'm trying to build an Integrated Learning Environment that could be used for broad application. The current implementation as a small entry point for that goal is to combine Spaced Repetition, which is the old algorithm for learning, with the tree-structured note-taking tool to finally make this algorithm popularly adopted.

Improvements up to 1.0 will mostly augment the current implementation.

Once it reaches Version 1.0, it will include the following:
  • Multiple answers to one question
  • Content classification for delayed and urgent learning
  • Spreadsheet-like input method, to manage tens of thousands of simple question-answer items
  • Users will be able to divide media into multiple question–answer pairs. (Upload Type 2)
  • Mobile app
  • Improved basic functions, such as dark theme, trash management, annotations, dashboards, etc.
  • Upgrade to the algorithm
  • Bugs will be fixed and overall performance improved

Once LearnObit has evolved into a pleasing version, the next step will be taken. There are already plans in place for adding a learning resource viewer, powered by machine learning. Additionally, a sort of search engine for learning resources is also being contrived. It would be like a Netflix for learning. So, I want to eventually make LearnObit an Integrated Learning Environment.