New feature launched: The Spreadsheet In the Tree

I had three features in mind that the app should have for me to call LO the beta version.

And the first of these features has been released now

The Spreadsheet In the Tree!

This is ironic because the goal of LO is going beyond just learning simple fact pairs, while this feature was built to learn simple fact pairs.

However, it is the case that some of the knowledge has a structure that has just a lot of simple fact pairs.
In this case, the pairs can range from dozens to even thousands. If you ask if this is a tree structure, I can say that's not wrong, but it may not be convenient to fit them into a tree.
Actually, traditional SR software using plain flashcards can handle the knowledge with this structure well.

Now to cover even this case, the spreadsheet feature has been built in LO, what's more, It's also in the tree structure.

This is not a random combination. This makes sense because the structure of many topics is basically a tree structure, but there are often a lot of simple fact pairs on some branches.

Now there are two features left to be implemented to the beta version.

  1. The ability to split media into flashcards.
  2. LO can already create media on the fly, and if that is combined with it, it will be an incredibly powerful feature.

  3. The ability to make use of a tree structure to set things to not learn or to learn more rigorously.
  4. With this feature, the contents put into the LO become completely manageable.

It was 25 days before I could somehow launch it, though it's still immature and there are many things to fix. So I expect other big features to take that or something too. See you then.