LO Weekly Blog (Aug 8)

It's written by 'I'm a lightbulb'. Thanks!

What included:

  • Help button with tutorials and guides
    • Demo screenshot
  • Global search shortcut (Ctrl+F)
    • Screenshot
  • [, (, { and $ Autocomplete
  • Rename Top Root


LearnObit Weekly Blog #2

What we have done to make LO better this week

Don’t know what is LearnObit?

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LO has been doing well this week, we made many updates and have many new features waiting for us to implement in the future.
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Updates: (Until Aug 8, 2020)

Help button with tutorials & guides

See this cute little help button?
Click the help button to see all the tutorials and guides we placed in the sidebar before. We want the sidebar to be clean and neat! :)
After clicking the help button

Global Search Shortcut

Use Ctrl+F to search for any node!
Also, we made the Search feature more customizable! You can choose several nodes at the same time, and choose "Open", and " & Close Others" after that.
Choose several nodes at the same time

[, (, { and $ Auto Complete

When you type any of these symbols, the other ], }, ) and $ will appear automatically, so you won’t waste your time typing any of these!

Rename Top Root

Rename it to anything you want! :D
YES, you can finally rename your "TOP ROOT", you can rename it to anything you prefer, and add reactions (emojis) in it.

Chatmemo, Tasklist and Forums

Cute right?
We moved them to a better place and gave them cute icons!
Now they won’t block the sidebar!
They won’t block the sidebar now! Nothing can stop you from taking notes! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

Future Updates

Check out our roadmap! We will update the cool features we want to implement in the future there!
Thanks for reading! 💡