Introduce My Home

I don't think this post is related to LearnObit. It's just a post to be personal.

Almost everything in my room is in this picture. I live in sort of a tiny home, and this one room is all of my space. Toilets and showers are shared with others. I have heard that some people couldn't stand such a space. But I'm okay here now.
The monthly rent here is around $200 per month. For me, this is pretty big money... So I suffer whenever I have to pay the rent.

It's near the main gate for the University of Seoul. I live right in front of the college because I'm still an undergraduate (but I'm older than most typical college students. I grew up in a pretty poor environment, and coming to college from there was a difficult thing.)
Now I'm eating, studying, exercising, making money, and doing everything in college. And since it's in front of the college, almost everything is here and I appreciate it.

This is the laptop where LO was developed. I bought it for about $250. It was pretty cheap even by my standards.

My books.

Thank you.